Monday, December 15, 2008


Our wedding was last October and I know that it's been 2 months after. I just went to the laundry shop and picked our wedding attires. My wife's gown and my attire is already clean and ready to be place in the closet where it will be safe. Our attires were dry cleaned by the shop where we got it. I paid for the dry cleaning and I got it at a reasonable price since they were the one who made the gown and my barong ( Male Attire). My wife told me that somebody wants to rent her gown after she saw the wedding video. I told my wife not to allow that because it was made for her and only she can wear it. I still believe in traditions that is why I didn't allow it to be rented by somebody. I know I was right and many would agree on that. For now, I am just glad that out wedding attires are now clean and safe in the closet.