Sunday, November 30, 2008


I would consider myself as a person who loves the outback and the countryside. I love comping and stuff that involves the wilderness. My college buddies and I decided to join a group of young individuals involved in the sport of gun sport. It is a new sport were we play a sport that involves guns and other things with ammunition. I know that I am new to the sport and I needs many things to be competitive with my friends as we take the challenge with other teams in the gun sport. I need 5.11 Tactical Jacket and some backs that I will be using as we play the sport. Aside from That I also join the gun owners association in our city and luckily I was chosen as the president. Many are asking me about my tactical gear because it is very unique and they haven't seen as gear like mine in every guns and gear shop in the area. I guess I was lucky to have a gear such as this. Complete and I need not to find any other tactical gears because the gear that I am wearing is all I need for the sport. I also participated in a fashion show contest. I am confident that I would bring the bacon to our team because I have the best gear in town. There are several inline of events for our gun association and I have to plan it properly since I am the president. I remembered in our games, I fell very conditioned when I am wearing my gear. I won the most number of shots made. The tournament trophy went to our team as we conquer the flag of the war games. Our team is preparing for the international big event next year. To get a good tactical gear, just feel free to visit