Tuesday, November 18, 2008


My eyeglasses were given to me by my grandmother. According to her, it was from my grandfather and she is handing it down to me since we both have the same eye grade. I used that eyeglasses for 10 years before i decided to let it go. I went to an eye doctor to get my eyes check. I was given a free eyeglasses nut the problem is it looks old for me at my age. I would say my eyeglasses is my best buddy since I read always. That free eyeglasses received so many comments from my friends telling to changed my eyeglasses because it makes me look old and they even said that I deserve more that than. The frame of my eyeglasses make the thing look old. Finally I found the perfect Holiday frames that matches the season and my personality. The eyeglass frames are from Zenni Optical. I saw the design that I wanted and replaced my old free one. Now My friends keep asking me about my eyeglasses and they said that it is more presentable and trendy compared to my old one. Now I am confident when I go around because of my new eyeglasses perfect for the season.