Friday, November 7, 2008


I started blogging last August 2007. I consider blogging as my new way of entertaining myself and a place where I get to meet different people and making friends with them. Before I entered into blogging, I used to make websites and placed Adsense codes. Blogging was introduced by a friend, Cherry, who is now residing in the USA and will be delivering a baby soon. She thought me and my friends the basics in blogging and other things that we need to know. I would describe Cherry as a simple lady with a big impact. Blogging has changed my life. I prefer to blog at night because I believed that my ideas flow freely during night and early morning. My sleeping time changed from early to early morning.

I have created and maintain 10 blogs at the moment and I accept payment for post that I create. At first it was hard because I am not so familiar with the platform that I am using. Blogging has helped me generate a good sum of money and I was able to acquire things because of blogging.

Blogging is not all pleasure. That's true. I suffered being penalized by Google. My first blog established a page rank 3 but after it was penalized, I have a page rank of 0/10 right now. Page rank for blogs is very important when you are accepting paid post in you blog. The higher the page rank the better amount you will be receiving from your blog or blogs.