Friday, November 21, 2008


When I met an accident last 2005, I thought I won't be able to recover physically and emotionally. The accident was so damaging that I couldn't walk and everyday is a morning because I cannot sleep. My friends keep telling me that I am strong and I can make it through this phase of my life but deep inside I am weak and each day is a dagger on my heart. I am hopeless. My room has become my world and I live within that world. I decided go to Fort Lauderdale Home Health Care Home to help me make it through this weak emotion and low self-esteem. I was admitted for about 2 months. The caregivers were so friendly and never misses to motivate me. There I found the care that I was looking for and encouragement that fueled my strength to a speedy recovery. Now I am on my feet, physically and emotionally well and ready to face the world. It is the best health care home for me.