Saturday, March 1, 2008


When we need help, we don’t have to pick up a phone and call a phone number. This time all we need is just to press of a button and immediately help is on its way to help us in our most needed medical assistance. This is a service that is being provided by Directalert.Ca. This service is very helpful to those people who are much in need of a medical help. The emergency call button contacts the immediate person that can provide you with the medical attention that you need. It is your personal 911 available 24/7. This product is very much useful to those people living in Canada. The Caregiver Canada is always on standby and readily available to assist you in your much-needed medical needs. The medical alert is easy to use and there are no installation fees. This awesome service is highly recommended to all because you are much assured that when you needed help, it will sure be there. Living alone can be a problem before. But now that the Medical alert is around, you can live a life independently. My friend’s father used to have a heart problem. One day, alone at his house, he felt strange and uncomfortable. He was feeling dizzy and chest pains started without notice. With nobody around him to assist, it was very hard to call for help because his movements were limited and he was slowly loosing strength. Good thing he has the medical alert button was with him. After pressing the button, help immediately came and he was delivered immediately to the nearest medical hospital. His life was saved because of the medical alert alarm that he acquired. For more information about the medical alert button, visit their website at