Thursday, March 13, 2008


Life of an investigator is not easy. I have been doing this profession for 7 years now. I have encountered many cases and helped many people in their problems. It is risky, if the word is right for the job that I do, but it is. I often go to areas that are highly critical or high security risk. But I am not afraid of it. My fears are already digested by my stomach.

There is this one event that I could not forget. I was on route back to my base when a group of armed men took a ride on the bus where I am in. They were in civilian clothes and carried long shoulder arm weapons. 7 of them sat on the back part of the bus and their leader on the front part of the bus. I was afraid that time because meters away from the location where they boarded is a detachment of military personnel. Approaching the military checkpoint , the group of men decided to leave the bus. It was a sign of relief on my part because I am afraid that I will be hit by the cross fire between the armed men (rebels) and the military troops that were holding a checkpoint that time. It was really an experience that I will never forget. But as they say, life must go on. Every case that I handle has always an exciting experience worth remembering and worth sharing.