Tuesday, March 4, 2008


I arrived home late this evening because Me and my blogging friends had a meeting. The venue was at Blugre Cafe here in our city. Actually, I don't consider it a meeting because we were just talking about out blogging escapades. We started in August last year and we just can't believe that blogging really is addictive, the safe way. At present, I authored 7 blogs that I consider my outlet and an effective stress buster. It is because by blogging, I get to express what I feel and what I think about. Before, I used to play badminton and other sports. But it never relieves the stress that I feel.

Every time we have our gathering, it is always held at this cafe because it is very cozy and the ambiance is very good. Adding more ambiance this evening was the rain the poured as if there is no more tomorrow. I guess Blugre Cafe will always be our venue every time we meet with my blogging buddies.