Monday, February 18, 2008


One of the easiest ways to get started in internet marketing is to begin with affiliate marketing. Does that mean that this is the beginners internet marketing and after a short while you graduate and go on to bigger and better ways of online marketing? Not necessarily.

First, if you don't know exactly what affiliate marketing is, I'll explain. It is marketing someone else's product and getting compensated when your efforts lead to a sale. You generate traffic for the product website. In other words, you generate leads by convincing prospects to click on a special link that has your id in it, and upon clicking that link arrives at the product sales page. If a lead you sent through your link makes a purchase, you get paid. You can earn anywhere from 25 percent to 75 percent of the selling price on average.

You are an independent business person. You do not work for the company that directly sells the product. You are responsible for all of your expenses. What ever expense you incur to market the product is your responsibility. The company is responsible to pay you on a regular basis for sales your leads generate.

Affiliate marketing is very often the first venture of many marketers into the online world. This is because it is so easy to get started. You don't need a product, you don't need a website, you don't need to sell directly, and you don't have to be involved in the money transaction. You just send leads to the product sales page and collect your money.

You may think that it is an entry level job in the internet marketing world. For many it is. They get their feet wet as an affiliate, then when they learn enough they start selling their own products and even set up their own affiliate programs.

On the other hand there are those that make their sole living in these programs. They never leave. They like not having the responsibility and work involved in setting up websites, creating or buying products, creating sales pages, running merchant accounts so they can get paid, keeping track of affiliate sales and providing customer service. They would rather do what they like and are good at, which is driving targeted traffic to the item sales page and collecting their commission. They prefer to make the money without having all the hassles of selling a product directly.

There are many who make tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands of dollars just through affiliate marketing. They are called super affiliates. They are usually so effective in providing leads that they are sometimes begged by internet marketers to be an affiliate for their product. Sounds like a pretty good place to be.