Monday, February 25, 2008


Even though Acne scarring is extremely common, any sufferer will tell you it's also extremely difficult to treat. While many people recover from acne with clear skin, many finally get rid of the acne itself only to be left with frustrating acne scarring. You can go through expensive surgical procedures to possibly remove your scarring, but the truth of the matter is there are various ways in which you can reduce your acne scarring without having to see a doctor.

The most important thing you must do is start treatment early before it becomes too widespread. Teenagers who have older siblings that suffer from or have suffered from acne must take action the instant they see acne on themselves because if the older sibling has had a bad case of it chances are the younger sibling will too. The first place many people turn is the over the counter solutions such as Clearasil or Stridex... but these often do not work as they primarily remove bacteria on the face and there are many other products that can do that.

Protecting yourself from the sun is important if you wish to prevent acne scarring. Even though a tanned or burnt face will make it appear as though you have no acne... when that tan or burn dies down your face will look worse than it originally did. So apply sunscreen and wear a protective hat whenever you go out into that glaring sun.

I know you're gonna hate me for saying this, but please try not to pick at those scabs. Scabs appear to protect the natural healing process that is going on beneath them, so removing a scab will unfortunately make your scarring worse a few weeks later.

You'll hear this often but that's because it's important, please don't touch your face with your hands. You hands have oils on them that acne just loves! You should also keep you face clean. Cleaning it when you get up and when you go to bed with warm salty water will go a long way to preventing scarring. Also, icing your face before you go to bed should result in an improvement by morning.