Saturday, January 12, 2008


Britney spears and photographer, Adnan Ghalib got married in Mexico. Another wedding for the pop princess or should I say former pop princess.

According to a newspaper in Ensenada, Mexico, El Vigia, the pop star, 26 and her married beau, 35, arrived at the Rosarito Beach Hotel at about 3 p.m. yesterday in a Black Escalade.

What should surprise no one is that the multi-millionaire pop star went of a shopping spree.

During their stay at the hotel, Spears and Ghalib hit up its souvenir shop — where they spent $60 on a fake Gucci handbag, another orange bag and a rosary for Ghalib.

To her credit, she probably thought they were saying greasy hamburger and not Gucci handbag, which is why $60 seemed cool. Britney was quoted as saying,”These people sure are brown. I cain’t understand a thing they say, but they’re so cute! Can I buy one? Canna? Canna?”